Monday, January 26, 2009

Nakpunar (Ends 2/15)

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  • Product; Category: Supplies; Art & Quilts

  • The Discount: Buy 3 cups Emery and get 1/2 cup free. Buy 2 cups Emery and get 1/4 cup free. Buy 1 cups Emery and get 1/8 cup free.

  • How To Get This Sale: Please contact (convo) this shop owner with the code "FREE GIVEAWAYS" prior to purchase to get this deal. You can contact a shop owner by clicking the "contact" button on the front of their shop page in the 'info' section right under their rating and location. If you do not have a Etsy account already, you will need to make one to checkout but it only takes a few seconds to create your Etsy account.

  • End Date: 2/15

Other Information: NONE

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