Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Thank You For Your Sale

Thank you for your discount submission. You will receive a email after it has been posted, or if there is a problem with your submission. It may take up to 48 hours for your sale to be posted, so if you are sending a sale that ends really soon there is a slight chance it wont be received in time.

Etsy Shop Owners: Since Etsy does not yet have a way to input coupons, all Etsy shops submitting a sale will use the same "how to" method for people to get the sale. It will be that they have to convo you first mentioning "Indie Discounts" and then you guys can go from there changing prices and stuff. Why? This is to safe guard Etsy shops from false coupons. You get to pick whats on sale and all that good stuff, but the method will make it so you must be contacted first to set up the sale (unless your items are marked down already).

This is our pre written "how to get sale" section for Etsy shops (the coupon code "indie discounts" can be personalized if you have something they rather use):

Please contact (convo) this shop owner with the code "Indie Discounts" prior to purchase to get this deal. You can contact a shop owner by clicking the "contact" button on the front of their shop page in the 'info' section right under their rating and location. If you do not have a Etsy account already, you will need to make one to checkout but it only takes a few seconds to create your Etsy account.
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